San Mateo County's Child Care specialists can help connect your family with quality licensed child care, parent education, special needs resources and other vital children's services.

In addition, families currently or previously enrolled in CalWORKS cash assistance programs may be eligible for free or subsidized childcare.


The Child Care Coordinating Council of San Mateo County, Inc. (4Cs), offers free referrals to child care providers, parent education, resources for asthma care, developmental screenings, nutrition assessments, special needs services, and a variety of other family-friendly services. Information and referral services are available to all county families, regardless of income.

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CalWORKs Stage I and Stage II Childcare

Families currently or previously enrolled in CalWORKS cash assistance programs may be eligible for free or subsidized childcare through the CalWORKS Stage I and Stage II Childcare programs.

  • CalWORKS Stage I provides short-term childcare support during job-search and job-training activities.
  • CalWORKS Stage II provides up to two years of additional childcare support for families that have moved from cash assistance to employment, but remain in financial need.

Our Child Care Specialists provide case management for child care services, including a detailed child care plan approved by CalWORKS, the family and the care provider.

For further information on CalWORKS childcare services, please contact your San Mateo County Employment Services Specialist (ESS) or Case Manager.

To determine if your family is eligible for CalWORKS childcare support, please contact the San Mateo County Human Services Agency Child Care Specialists in the office nearest you.

Child Care Web Resources

Child Care Coordinating Council (4C's)

The Child Care Coordinating Council (4C's), offers free referrals to child care providers and a variety of other services.

Professional Association of Childhood Educators (PACE)

PACE provides supportive case management and needs-based child care subsidies for qualified families.


Trustline is a database of nannies, babysitters and child-care providers who have cleared criminal background checks in California, including fingerprint checks by the California Department of Justice and the FBI. Access to Trustline is free. To check if a provider is registered on Trustline, call 1.800.822.8490.


The National Child Care Association is a professional organization of child care providers. Their website offers a database of child care providers by city and state.

Child Care Aware

Child Care Aware offers a database of licensed child care providers by zip code, as well as information on different types of child care, and advice on choosing quality care to meet your family's needs.

Community Care Licensing

This division of the California Department of Social Services oversees day care and residential facilities for children and adults in the State of California.


The National Association for the Education of Young Children offers a rich variety of resources for parents and care providers on the subject of childhood education and development.