2017 One Day Homeless Count


On Thursday, January 26, 2017 from approximately 6 am to 10 am, San Mateo County will conduct its biennial One Day Homeless Count.  In collaboration with community and County partners, the San Mateo County Human Services Agency organizes a census and survey of unsheltered homeless people. The results from the count will provide us with a better understanding of the number of homeless individuals and families and their needs. Collecting strong data on the number, characteristics, and service needs of homeless people in our community is a critical component of local planning and program development to meet the County‚Äôs goal to end homelessness by 2020.


Individual and group volunteers play a critical role in the census and survey to collect accurate data on the number, characteristics, and service needs of homeless individuals and families.  This data is a vital component of local homeless planning and program development.

Volunteer today! Sign up as Team Member to assist in tallying and administering surveys to homeless individuals in a particular coverage area throughout the County.  All volunteers will receive a 2-hour training in the weeks leading up to the One Day Homeless Count.

Please visit our Volunteer website now to sign up: http://hsavolunteers.ivolunteer.com/smconedaycount2017

Also, please print off the flyer at the bottom of the page and share with your colleagues, family, and friends to get involved.


What is the Point-In-Time Homeless Count?

The Point-In-Time Homeless Count is a one-night street and shelter count to determine the number of people experiencing homelessness in San Mateo County during a given point-in-time. The count includes a brief survey to identify some characteristics of people experiencing homelessness in the community. San Mateo County Human Services Agency coordinates the county count every two years.

When will the 2017 Point-In-Time Homeless Count take place?

The street count will occur on Thursday, January 26, 2017 from 6:00 a.m. until 10:00 a.m. The shelter count will be conducted through the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) and will reflect the number of people sheltered the night of January 26, 2017.

Why a Point-In-Time Homeless Count?

Better understand homelessness: The Point-In-Time Homeless count is an effort to learn more about the individuals and families experiencing homelessness in San Mateo County. In order to accomplish community goals and make a difference in the lives of homeless men, women, and families, we first need to know who they are, where they are, and better understand the factors that led to their homelessness.

Drive Engagement: The Point-In-Time Homeless count will bring together community leaders, volunteers and persons experiencing homelessness on one night with a common goal of better understanding the extent of homelessness in our community. This unique opportunity will increase awareness of homelessness and create a venue to drive further discussion and engagement toward ending homelessness.

Required to receive funding: The U.S Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requires all communities to conduct, at least biennially, a point in time count of homeless persons within the geographic area. 

Who will be counted?

The Point-In-Time Homeless count aims to quantify the number of individuals and families who are experiencing homelessness on the night of the count. This includes homeless veterans, families, youth, and single adults sleeping on the streets and in emergency and transitional shelters. The count does NOT include persons who are housed in doubled-up living situations or persons who are about to become homeless.

Who coordinates the Point-In-Time Homeless Count?

The count is coordinated by the San Mateo County Human Services Agency in collaboration with community and County partners. Data are reported to HUD on an annual basis to track and measure progress on goals toward ending homelessness.

Questions, please email: homelesscensus@smcgov.org

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