Melons - like honeydew, cantaloupe, watermelon, casaba - are refreshing, delicious, and nutritious. They're also packed with Vitamin C and carotenoids, which both help to lower your risk of chronic diseases. Carotenoids, the yellow, orange, and red colors found in many fresh fruits & vegetables, are converted into Vitamin A in our bodies. Vitamin A protects against chronic diseases, helps to preserve eye health, and strengthens our immune systems. 

Melons are a great way to get your Vitamin A! When shopping for cantaloupes, look for ones that smell sweet and feel soft near the stem end. For honeydew and watermelons, the heavier the better. Tap or flick them - if they sound hollow, they're ripe! 

A serving of melon is 1/2 a cup. You can cut them up, puree them, freeze them; you can eat them plain, with other fruits, or with cottage cheese; you can freeze them & blend them into smoothies, mash them in a cup with ice water for a low-sugar beverage, and even make soup out of them*. The possibilities are endless!

*see recipe below

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Happy Eating!