The Center on Homelessness

The Center on Homelessness coordinates homeless services throughout San Mateo County. 

* If you are experiencing homelessness or a housing crisis, please contact one of the Core Service Agencies, which provide clients with crisis intervention and referrals based on an evaluation of their needs and qualifications for assistance, and can provide referrals for homeless shelters and other homeless services.  A list of the Core Service Agencies is available at

* If you are a service provider, the Center on Homelessness serves as San Mateo County's Continuum of Care coordinating entity. Members of our network of community-based organizations meet quarterly to assure that our system of care functions in a collaborative manner, providing pathways to housing for homeless families and individuals. For more information about the Center on Homelessness, please contact us at

Strategic Plan: Ending Homelessness in San Mateo County

San Mateo County has made a commitment to end homelessness in the community by 2020. This plan articulates a path to achieve that goal over the next five years using strategies that are informed by an analysis of the existing system in San Mateo County, lessons learned from the HOPE (Housing Our People Effectively) Plan, and recent developments in the field. The plan is data-driven and results-oriented. It sets a strategic direction that will lead to measurable reductions in the number of people in the community experiencing homelessness and ensure the community has systems in place to respond swiftly and effectively when housing crises occur.

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