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 Dad & Me @ the Park 2017
Having fun together Fathers Day Weekend!
Dad & Me @ the Park
Family fun for all, the bubbles were a hit!
Dad & Me @ the Park 2017
The puppet show gathered Dads, their families and their little ones all together for a entertaining tale!
Support for Dads
Check out these resources for Dads!
Dad & Me @ the Park 2017
Arts and Crafts kept this little one and her Dad focused!
Dad & Me @ The Park 2017
This June 2017, over 300 people joined the SMC Dad's Workgroup to celebrate the 15th annual Dad & Me @ the Park!
Potato Sac Race
Families had a blast competing in the Potato Sac Race!
Dad & Me @ the Park 2017
The SMC Dad's Workgroup gave away free books this year to promote reading, creativity and intellectual development!
Dad & Me @ the Park 2017
Our partners came to join the festivities, sharing information about resources available for Dads and their kids!
Dad & Me @ the Park 2017
Bubbles were a hit.
Dad & Me @ the Park 2017
Dad & Me @ the Park 2017 was held June 17th, Father's Day Weekend, to share and show our appreciation for all that our Dad's do!

2017 Dad & Me @ the Park

Video from the 2017 Dad & Me @ the Park


SMC DADS Mobile App Features of the mobile app includes: Playground Locator of all public playgrounds in San Mateo County, Up-to-date job postings from the Job Information Centers, Calendar of free local events, Parenting tips, Connection to county services, Informational handbooks for dads!
Phone Directory Automated Directory to connect users to county services.  Call toll free 1 (844) 650-DADS!
"An App seems to be the solution de jour, and my impression is that most miss the mark.  I think the Dads App is on target.  All the input is valuable and useful.  Having been a single dad back when, I sure could have used it." - Jim Holley


San Mateo County is committed to providing a helping hand to the fathers in our communities and connecting dads to available county services such as:

  • Employment assistance (Job Search and Vocational Training)
  • Child Support resources and services
  • Parenting classes 
  • Substance abuse and mental health services
  • Re-Entry Services
  • Veterans' benefits assistance
  • Housing resources and assistance

SMC Dads Mobile App

SMC Dads Mobile App