Wednesday, May 16, 2018 -
9:00am to 1:00pm


Research shows that greatest challenge to the safety and security of seniors and the elderly is isolation.  The EPA Senior  Lifestyles Expo is an event   that's a unique hybrid of information, resources and entertainment, all geared toward satisfying and enhancing your life and/or those of your loved ones.  At the Expo, you can spend the day socializing, becoming better informed, and having fun! Funded by the 2007 Measure C Crime Fighting Act.
Estudios demuestran que el mayor desafío para la seguridad de las personas mayores y ancianos es el aislamiento. La exposición para las personas mayors y ancianos es un evento único que incluye información, y provée recursos y entretenimiento, todos orientados a satisfacer y mejorar su vida o las de sus seres queridos. En la Expo puede pasar el día de socialización, e informarse y divertirse!  Financiado por el 2007 Measure C Crime Fighting Act.


May 16th is Re-Think Your Drink Day in California! The CalFresh Outreach Team will be at the Senior Lifestyles Expo in East Palo Alto from 9AM-1PM. Come join us for a nutrition demonstration/workshop about staying hydrated and quenching your thirst without added sugars. Samples of Spa Water will be provided!

We will also teach you how to monitor yourself for signs of dehydration, as well as how to make an Oral Rehydration Solution aka to replenish your electrolytes in times of extreme heat or physical activity. We look forward to seeing you there! 



550 Bell St.
East Palo Alto, CA 94303
United States
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