Family Resource Centers


Family Resource Centers are convenient, school and community based locations where children and their families can access services to help them thrive in school and at home by addressing barriers that make it difficult for them to be successful. The Family Resource Centers consist of HSA clinicians, school staff, and other support services.


What can Family Resource Centers provide?

Family Resources Centers provide prevention and early intervention social services through the Human Services Agency of San Mateo County. Family Resource Centers offer:

  • Activities: Parent support and education groups, crisis intervention, health workshops
  • Mental Health Counseling: Providing therapeutic services one-on-one or in small groups to help children and their families with socio-emotional issues, behavioral difficulties, and family issues that often are impacted by trauma.
  • Information: Keeping parents and children connected to additional resources and services.
  • Advocacy: Building bridges with teachers and school administrators and providing access to food, medical, housing, and cash aid services.

How do I learn more?


Family Resource Centers can be found at different school sites throughout San Mateo County. The schools that offer Family Resource Center Services are:

Daly City:
Bayshore School District
John F. Kennedy Elementary
Woodrow Wilson Elementary

                           Sunset Ridge Elementary

San Mateo/Foster City
Lead Elementary 
East Menlo Park:

Belle Haven

Redwood City:

Fair Oaks Elementary


Kennedy Middle School

Sequoia High School


East Palo Alto:

Brentwood Elementary

East Palo Alto:

Brentwood Elementary

Puente de la Costa Sur (Pescadero & La Honda):

Pescadero Elementary

Pescadero Middle/High School 

La Honda Elementary





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