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For every $5 CalFresh dollars spent on healthy, nutritious foods, $9 of economic stimulus is generated, improving business at local markets, farms, and beyond.

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If you are currently receiving CalFresh, please note that you must complete the following in order to keep your benefits active. Failure to complete your reporting responsibilities may cause your benefits to be late, changed, or terminated.

Semi Annual Report – also known as the SAR 7 Report, is due every six (6) months. It is determined upon your application date. Your SAR 7 Report is considered complete when you have answered yes or no to all questions, all proof or verification’s (with report date) are attached and all required signatures are completed. Please sign and date your SAR 7 with the submit month date. Remember to not submit your SAR7 before the first (1st) of your submit month date.

Semi Annual Report (SAR 7): (English) | (Spanish)

Recertification – After a year of receiving CalFresh, you will be asked to conduct a recertification to renew benefits. This can be done via phone, or in person if requested. Please note that if you choose to see a worker in person, you must come to our 400 Harbor Blvd Bldg B Belmont, CA 94002. An appointment letter with your recertification packet will be sent to you approximately 30 days prior to the due date. You will need to provide: current proof of all monthly gross income, current utility expenses, current residency verification, and any current child care/child support expenses (if applicable).

Recertification for CalFresh Benefits: (English) | (Spanish)

Required Forms: SAR7, recertification packet, affidavit