Release: San Mateo County Launches New Tools for Dads

         For Immediate Release                                                                                 June 16, 2016


San Mateo County Launches New Tools for Dads

Redwood City, CA- In time for this Father’s Day, San Mateo County is proud to announce new tools that will help local dads find what they need. SMC DADs, a mobile app, is designed to help fathers-in-need connect to county-wide resources.  Features includes a playground locator with navigational support, an event calendar of free or low-cost community events, and up-to-date job postings from the County’s Job Information Centers. 

“Parenting is no easy task, and it is even more difficult for dads that face significant challenges in their lives” said Supervisor Dave Pine. “Our goal is that dads needing help will utilize the resources that have been included in the mobile app, which they can access 24/7.”

The Dad’s Workgroup, which is comprised of staff from various county departments, contracted the creation of the app from local developer Phondini Partners. 

“A father’s presence and involvement is as crucial to a child’s health and emotional well-being as a mother’s. We strive to help both parents responsibly share in raising their children by helping to connect them to services provided by the County of San Mateo”, said Kim Cagno, Director of the Department of Child Support Services. “We are proud of the cross-agency collaboration that allows SMC DADs to help fathers build a stronger relationship with their children.”

The County has a long tradition of fatherhood engagement and recently shifted the focus to those in county programs who may be particularly challenged by barriers such as unemployment, incarceration, custodial challenges, low income, or are receiving health services. “In a survey of fathers currently in our programs, 95% of respondents said they own a smart phone and would find the features of this app helpful,” said Iliana Rodriguez, the Agency Director for the Human Services Agency.  “We want dads to know that there are wraparound services available and that we are here to help.”

The Dad’s Workgroup and the Board of Supervisors recently recognized this year’s “Dad of the Year”, a father who experienced significant barriers in his early life and has since become a model dad to his young son after receiving supportive services from the County. In addition to the mobile app, the County is also releasing an automated phone directory for those who prefer to use the telephone.  The phone line is a toll free number and the user will be guided through a series of options to connect them directly to program staff and services.

The SMC DADs mobile app is available for iPhones through the Apple App Store and for android phones through the Google Play Store.  The phone directory number is (844) 650-DADS.


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