STEM Out-of-School Programs

STEM Out-of-School Programs

The intent of this funding is to increase elementary and middle school youth engagement, interest and knowledge of STEM topics and careers, and to prepare all youth for STEM workforce opportunities.  Each year a Request for Proposal (RFP) is released which focuses on two critical service areas for youth aged 6 through 15, or in grades 1st -8th:

  • Giving youth the opportunity to experience science through hands-on project based learning.

  • Providing early intervention and prevention of youth disengagement from school through increased interest in STEM activities that improve academic achievement, school attendance and preparation for the workforce

Applicants are encouraged to collaborate with Cities, local education agencies (LEAs), community organizations and non-profit STEM providers. Proposals that provide services to youth with limited opportunity for STEM enrichment programs and/or serve under-represented STEM minorities (African American, Latino, Pacific Islander, and females) are encouraged.


STEM RFP Awardees 2018-19

Organization Program County of San Mateo
City of South San Francisco The STEM program serves 40-50, 5th grade students at three locations operated by the City of South San Francisco (SSF) Parks and Recreation or Library departments.  They will meet the academic needs of the targeted youth population by 1) giving students the chance to develop their 21st century skills, 2) increasing the student's experience with hands-on STEM activities so they can think critically, 3) empowering families to capably and confidently support their children's learning and future careers, 4) stimulating students' interest in math and science so they will be more engaged in school.  The program is designed to support students and their families transition to middle school.   South San Francisco
Girl Scouts of Northern California Offers six STEM modules and two environmental science modules in their Discover Together program for 160 Girl Scouts (4th-8th).  Integrates leadership and life skills activities, financial literacy, and community service with STEM in each workshop. Daly City, Redwood City and East Palo Alto
San Mateo Police Activities League Collaborating with the San Mateo Police Activities Leagues to serve 80 4th-5th grade youth.  Combined offering of coding, robotics and making to provide youth with skills and flexibility to create projects that they imagine. City of San Mateo 
Citizen Schools

Citizen Schools’ staff connect the school day with their afterschool programming.  Their projects serves 100, 6th-8th grade students at McKinley Institute of Technology.  Afterschool programs are offered for three hours each day, comprised of Academic support, Apprenticeships, and STEM Explore programs.  Academic support helps students with project and homework completion each day.  Each semester students participate in two 10 week Apprenticeships with business professionals.  STEM Explore may consist of clubs, guest speakers, field trips and college visits.

Redwood City
Mid-Peninsula Boys Girls Club Mid-Peninsula Boys and Girls Club is implementing Science Action Club to serve 50, 5th-8th grade youth at three clubhouses.  This program encourages youth to enjoy the outdoors, become interested in STEM fields, increase youth enrollment in science courses at school, and understand how they can take part in a bigger cause or movement beyond their community.   Daly City, Millbrae, San Mateo


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