In 2005, former Supervisors Mark Church and Rose Jacobs Gibson established the Math and Science Workgroup and Innovation programs to promote and improve student achievement and teacher excellence in math and science employing creative strategies to engage and inspire students.  

Currently, Supervisors Carole Groom and Warren Slocum Co-Chair the Math and Science Workgroup and Innovation programs. The workgroup continues to encourages collaborations between the County, Cities, schools and businesses to build a strong workforce responsive to changes and demands in STEM innovation.

Funding Update

A funding opportunity is currently available for the 2018-19 academic year:

2018-19 Math and Science Teacher Innovation application has been released: MSTI Application.  Deadline November 1, 2018

Awarded:  2018-19 STEM Out-of-School STEM AWARDS

STEM Updates

Foster youth STEM camp
Eighteen foster youth learned coding, robotics, web design and more in a a multi-week STEM camp in San Carlos, CA provided through a collaborative partnership with Learningtech.org.
Creating a vivarium-STEM
Teacher Donna Hong was awarded a Math & Science Teacher Innovation grant which funds a project where students build three types of terrariums, a vivarium and build a classroom aquaponics garden.
Ignited Stanford Teacher Fellow
Bryan Nase investigates the antibacterial effects of silver nanoparticles on bacteria in a material science laboratory at Stanford University
Squishy circuit projects in STEM programs in South San Francisco
The City of South San Francisco offers STEM and math hands on activities that engage elementary youth to explore STEM topics and have the skills needed to be successful in STEM.